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Improving the patient experience for urgent care starts with efficient and clinically accurate imaging that helps in the precise diagnosis of patients. Browse our wide selection of affordable x-ray equipment for various clinical applications. 

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Affordable Urgent Care X-Ray Equipment

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TXR Dragon Portable X-ray
Regular price $18,750.00
Regular price $161,295.00
Maven HandHeld X-ray
Regular price $36,995.00

Urgent Care X-Ray Equipment

Upgrade your existing digital environment with proper urgent care x-ray equipment. With our diverse selection of digital x-ray products, you’re sure to find the right system.

Urgent care x-ray equipment has risen due to the increased need for accurately diagnosing patients efficiently and quickly.

Our technology has proven effective in showing images of a patient’s internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, and bones.

We offer the latest technology and equipment to suit your imaging needs, designed for high-volume use for urgent care facilities. Medical staff can perform a wide range of exams while optimizing patient workflow and technologist productivity. Shop our urgent care x-ray selection today to upgrade your services and give your patient’s the best care possible.


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