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C-Arm Digital X-ray Machine & Equipment For Sale

Gain greater insights and improve patient care experiences by selecting the best C-Arm digital x-ray system for your clinical operations. At Maven Imaging, our C-arm systems assist in non-invasive care for diagnosis or confirming a condition.

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C-Arm Digital X-ray Machine & Equipment

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Agile Jr, A Super Mini C-Arm
Regular price $65,995.00
C-Arm Monitor Cart
Regular price $13,650.00
C-Arm Support Stand w/Tablet Arm
Regular price $11,050.00
C-Arm X-ray System - Genoray OSCAR 15
Regular price $110,000.00
Genoray Zen 7000
As low as $1388.73/month
C-Arm Table CFPM 401
Regular price $17,850.00
C-Arm Table CFPM 400
Regular price $24,350.00
C-Arm Table CFPM 301
Regular price $15,350.00
C-Arm Table CFPM 300
Regular price $14,800.00
C-Arm Table DTPM 300
Regular price $9,050.00

C-Arm Digital X-Ray Systems

A C-Arm digital x-ray system is a non-invasive device that provides real-time detailed imaging of anatomic structures. This medical imaging device uses X-ray technology for orthopedic, surgical, and emergency operations. With real-time high-resolution images, your physician can track progress, make immediate adjustments, and suggest the best course of surgery or therapy.

From angiography and therapeutic studies to cardiac studies and orthopedic procedures, the C-arm x-ray machine is one of the most useful medical gadgets. With state-of-the-art technology, our C-Arm machines provide 3D imaging CT-like soft-tissue picture quality, essential information for outcome evaluation.

Shop Maven Imaging today for equipment that delivers precise X-ray data and reliable results.


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