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At Maven Imaging, we provide solutions for all of your orthopedic care needs. Choose from a wide range of medical equipment, from X-ray and wireless DR systems to wall stands and complete medical imaging packages for your convenience.

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Orthopedic Care X-Ray & Medical Imaging Equipment

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X-Ray Equipment for Orthopedics

Our available X-rays for orthopedic applications are complete with an advanced digital DR panel and compatible software. DR panels are the superior choice when determining your x-ray technology needs.

This technology comprises a detection layer over an active matrix consisting of thin film transistors and photodiodes. Modern sensors such as this convert images to your computer in real-time. With a shorter to no delay time in viewing the results, it can reduce patient wait times drastically.

Our equipment options help you tackle the greatest of X-ray demands. Plus, your investment is protected with five-year warranties on select systems.


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