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DICOM, or digital imaging and communication in medicine, is the standard format for medical imaging, letting you share medical images and burn them onto CDs for physical copies. Shop Maven Imaging today for high-quality medical imaging equipment to improve your practice.

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Digital DICOM to CD Burner

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Digital DICOM to CD

For easier file sharing and improved data security, there’s no better solution for medical professionals than DICOM.

The interface features the popular PACS, Query, Build, and automated processing. After sending studies, the program will automatically burn data onto a CD and send the information to the cloud.

Every product includes CDs, a DICOM Viewer for PCs and Mac users, and an installable free DICOM viewer.

Starter packages offer complimentary first-year Advanced Exchange Maintenance, 200 pieces of Sorna Certified white inkjet DISCs, and paper holders with one color cartridge.

Shop Maven Imaging today for the widest range of medical equipment and make digital imaging and communication easier.


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