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Digital X-ray Machines & Equipment

Digital X-ray equipment is superior to traditional film technology. Our digital x-rays allow you to focus on the tiniest details that may miss on film, with X-Ray sensitive plates that immediately transfer data to your computer.

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Digital X-ray Machines & Equipment

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VIVIX-S DR 17x17V Fixed CsI Panel
Regular price $23,666.67

Digital X-Ray Equipment

You're in the right place if you require an answer that offers higher-quality images, less radiation, and safer storage. With our selection of digital X-ray equipment, you'll be well prepared to face even the most demanding radiography needs in the department.

Digital solutions offer your patients shorter wait times between consultation and diagnosis as results appear much faster than traditional film. It’s also easier to share data and update patient files.

Whether you need X-ray solutions for use in hospitals, radiology departments, or imaging centers, we have the equipment to meet your technical and financial needs. Shop Maven Imaging today for all your medical equipment supplies.


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