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Upgrading your analog x-ray systems with tethered digital X-ray (DR) panels helps to improve image quality and speed and reduce maintenance costs. Browse our selection of cutting-edge X-ray systems to add to your facility.

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Tethered Digital X-ray (DR) Panels

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Tethered Digital X-Ray DR Panels

Tethered digital X-ray panels are the perfect fit for any medical facility ready to go digital. Some DR panels offer tethered and wireless solutions, giving you the best of both worlds. Wired solutions mean there’s no need to charge batteries, while wireless options let you go mobile.

Tethered panels are essential to your entire portable digital radiography system. They can facilitate convenient and easy transport for the entire system, making them a practical solution for various applications, including medical, veterinary, and mobile healthcare.

Our tethered digital X-ray DR panels produce quality radiographic images in seconds. Simplify your imaging process and improve patient care with Maven Imaging’s state-of-the-art medical equipment.


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