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Mobile & Portable X-ray Machines & Equipment

Successful clinical trial imaging requires high-quality mobile and portable X-ray equipment to accurately determine the patient’s condition. Browse our selection of affordable X-ray medical imaging equipment for various clinical applications.

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Mobile & Portable X-ray Machines & Equipment

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TXR Dragon Portable X-ray
Regular price $18,750.00
Maven HandHeld X-ray
Regular price $36,995.00
Regular price $161,295.00
MinXray HF100H+
Regular price $15,288.00
Source Ray 1260 Upgrade Kit, Digital
Regular price $24,549.00
AMRAD® Medical One-Piece Portable
Regular price $18,206.00
AMRAD® Medical Dragon Classic System
Regular price $23,079.00

Mobile & Portable Digital X-Ray Equipment

Our mobile and portable X-ray machines use advanced imaging technology to capture detailed body images. They are ideal for use in emergencies where it can be dangerous or difficult to transport patients to clinics.

Portable X-ray equipment can be an invaluable resource for medical facilities with limited space. These smaller devices are easy to transport to any location within the facility, such as the ICU, emergency room, or operating room. Above all, investing in mobile X-ray units can provide a timely diagnosis for patients who would otherwise have to wait for an open room.

Maven Imaging offers a wide selection of portable medical supplies. Shop our state-of-the-art digital X-ray machines today.


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