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Digital wireless DR panels are an essential part of any X-ray system. They impact everything from portability and image quality to budget and cost. Browse our selection of DR panels with a diverse set of features to fit your clinical application.

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Digital Wireless DR panels

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TigerDR-Chiro 14"x17" Wired
Regular price $14,300.00
SkanMobile DR Integrated
Regular price $41,600.00

Wireless DR Panels

Improve the patient experience with our digital wireless DR panels. They offer enhanced efficiency by speeding up the imaging process and reducing tech delays, with cassette-sized options allowing for easy transport and storage in the existing cabinet on the portable X-ray machines.

Going from analog to digital is easier than you think. DR panels transmit images instantly, saving precious time. They offer an array of adjustable settings to ensure high-quality and accurate imaging for proper diagnosis.

DR panels for your digital x-ray system are vital to your imaging process, producing more precise images and reducing radiation exposure. Contact our dedicated support team today if you have questions about finding the best digital wireless DR panel.


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