Used recondition GE AMX 4 Portable X-ray and 14 x 17 WIreless DR panel – MavenImaging

Used recondition GE AMX 4 Portable X-ray and 14 x 17 WIreless DR panel Package

GE AMX-4  Portable X-Ray Including: - A complete overhaul of mechanical and electrical components- Structural reinforcements- All worn and broken parts replaced with OEM parts- Verification/installation of all current upgrades and FMI's- Collimator - rebuilt with OEM parts including new...

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Product Details

GE AMX-4  Portable X-Ray Including:

- A complete overhaul of mechanical and electrical components
- Structural reinforcements
- All worn and broken parts replaced with OEM parts
- Verification/installation of all current upgrades and FMI's
- Collimator - rebuilt with OEM parts including new cables, guards, faceplate, crosshair window, bulb, knob, dials, SID tape

- Tube - parts replaced with new OEM Rotor cable, decals
- Collimator alignment performed
- Yoke - Détente bearings
- Horizontal Arm - rebuilt with OEM parts
- The new lock, brake, brake cable, upgraded latch assembly
- Column - rebuilt with OEM parts
- New style column shell with ± 270° Rotation
- New carriage, cables, safety cable, upper break, lower break, détente assembly
- Safety cable tension set to OEM factory specs
- New 4 Plus HV cables, HV clamps, inner & outerwear strips
- Reinforced top cover, labels, key switch (Digital Key Pad optional)
- The front panel, side panels, decals, wear strips, wear strip rubbers
- New style drawer, mat with inside covers replaced
- New hand-switch with new cable & hanger complete with remote field light option (Remote Tech Switch optional)
- New style drive handle assembly
- Kick-plate, wear strips and rubber
- Complete base assembly with drive motors, drive wheels to drive wheel mounts, spring-loaded casters, electro-static discharge cables, corner pads, wear strips new switches in bumper
- Electronics package removed, disassembled and all boards replaced with current revisions to include: CPU, Fil KV, 1 Khz, Rotor, Charger and drive boards

- New style wiring harness, latch upgrade, new style CPU cabling with choke  during the charge cycle
- Six (6) ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) devices throughout electronics package
- New maintenance-free, rechargeable lead/acid batteries with interface kit and terminal block 
- Complete system calibration in full compliance with BRH standards
- Complete cosmetic repairs & refinishing with OEM paint
- Complete service documentation

- Free technical support


14 x 17 inch CsI Wireless, cassette size DR Flat Panel Detector, with advanced acquisition Patient Image software and PACS

System Specifications

14x17 inch CsI Wireless, cassette size DR Flat Panel Detector

  • Active area (Real Image Size):
  • 360x430 (14x17 inches)
  • Overall Dimensions: 344x459x15 mm (13.5x18x0.59 inches)
  • Weight: 3.8 +/- 0.25 Kg
  • Power Consumption: Idle - 3.3 watts, Acquisition - 7.8 watts, Image Transfer - 10.2 watts
  • Pixel Pitch: 139 μ m
  • Pixel Matrix Size: 3,052 (v) x 2,456 (h)
  • A/D Conversion: 16 bit
  • X-ray Voltage Range: 40-150 kVp
  • Wireless Modes STA or AP: 802.11 a/g/n/ac, 2x2 MIMO
  • 2 Batteries, Battery Charger Cable Included
  • Automatic Parameter Selection
  • Specific Anatomical Post-processing

Patient Image Acquisition Software

General Features

  • Superior Image Quality
  • Exam-specific algorithms image processing
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Edit existing patient information/search patient by patient name, patient ID, Accession number, bar code, etc.
  • True size for printing
  • Resend / Reprint image
  • Send/Print queue management
  • User-friendly touch GUI

Shipping and Crating are not included.

5 Year warranty on DR panel part

5 Year software warranty

First Shot warranty on the AMX 4



  • Useful functions: Auto Cropping, Auto Grid Suppression, Auto Labeling, Auto Rotation, Free Rotation, Multi Layout, etc.
  • Fully DICOM 3.0 Compatible: MWL, Send, Print, MPPS, etc.
  • Customized functions and various themes

 User Interface

  • User-Friendly Interface Supporting Touch Screen Functions
  • One Screen to Access All Functions
  • Same Interface for the Acquisition Software and Viewers
  • Image Processing With Advanced Algorithm
  • Fast Processing with Superior Image Quality
  • Intelligent Algorithms for Sharp Edges without noise amplification
  • Automatic image optimization

Patient Image PACS

Patient Image Server is a complete and cost-effective Patient Imaging solution that provides imaging departments with a scalable and upgradable solution to archive patient studies. The Patient Image Server solution includes features to archive patients, retrieve studies, print studies, edit patient reports, record voice notes with patient study, and transmit studies over telephone lines or the internet.

Patient Image Server solution consists of a group of software and hardware components that has specifically chosen to provide the maximum performance and scalability.

Supports all DICOM modalities.

Archiving on PACS server and on the Network.

Multi-Level relational database structure for patients/studies/series and images.

Supports pre-fetching and auto-routing of patients to the modalities.

Scalable and Upgradable


Easy Administration

All DICOM Features

Mircosoft SurFace Table Mounted on side

  • Windows 10 Professional
  • 256GB  Hard Disk
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 13inch Monitor
  • Workstation pre-configured and with the Software installed


Dell ProSupport. For tech support, visit // or call 1-866-516-3115

  • Dell Limited Hardware Warranty Plus Service
  • ProSupport: 7x24 Technical Support, 3 Years
  • ProSupport: Next Business Day Onsite, 3 Years


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