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For all your X-ray needs, shop the entire line of Fuji Medical Systems products at Maven Imaging. We have equipment suited for all budget levels and clinical applications.

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Fuji Medical Systems X-ray Equipment

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Fuji Medical Systems X-Ray Equipment

Fuji Medical Systems have made the next generation of X-ray technology possible. Their mobile, compact, and lightweight machines will revolutionize your practice, whether a chiropractor, podiatry, veterinary, orthopedic, urgent care, or general care office.

The portable X-ray comes with a comprehensive line of vital supplementary devices, from digital X-ray detectors to CR equipment to entire console packages. Get a full-sized 17x17 digital detector with a detachable cord that can go wireless. Going fully wireless on your imaging systems marks a considerable step up for your clients and customers, and Maven Imaging can take you there affordably and with quality.


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