URS-T LP Plus - Universal Radiographic System

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HF generators supplied with APR, table mount, hand switch and TOUCH SCREEN control console,

See options for 3-phase upgrades on SHF410 and SHF510 generators.



  • 40kW, 500mA, 125kVp, 1-phase, 220/240VAC, E7242 200kHU Tube
  • 50kW, 640mA, 125kVp, 1-phase, 220/240VAC, E7884 300kHU Tube
  • 64kW, 640mA, 150kVp, 3-phase, 380/480VAC, HSS, E7252 300kHU Tube
  • 80kW, 800mA, 150kVp, 3-phase, 380/480VAC, HSS, E7254 400kHU Tube


SEU-PLUS+ - Universal Radiographic Stand - Fully Motorized with Auto Positioning 

  • Floor to wall mounted tube stand
  • Unique C Arm supports tube at one end and receptor at other end / Receptor on left is only configuration
  • Variable SID from 40" to 72"
  • Motorized movement for SID adjustment, vertical and receptor rotation
  • Auto-Positioning
  • Touch Pad controls at receptor to operate all movements
  • Digital indication at tube for arm angulation
  • 10” touch screen control console allows:
    • View selection
    • Automatic positioning of structure to selected view
    • Review patient positioning for selected view (guide)
    • Adjust preprogrammed techniques
  • Reciprocating Bucky
  • Manual cassette tray
  • 103 line, 10:1 ratio, 40" to 72" focal range grid


E7242X - X-Ray Tube

  • 200,000 heat unit, 0.6-1.5mm focal spots, 270° horn angle


SCOL-225ETBLL - Collimator

  • Certified manual collimator with LED, laser light, swivel mount


HT9M/FC9M - Cables

  • Pair – 29’ long with vinyl cable wrap

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