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AMRAD is one of the leading manufacturers of medical X-ray systems, providing a wide range of diagnostic equipment. Search our AMRAD X-ray products to find the best equipment for your facility.

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Amrad Medical X-ray Systems

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AMRAD Medical X-Ray Systems

With a sleek design and simplified controls, AMRAD machines are ideal for high-volume, routine procedures. Quickly diagnose internal health conditions, bone fractures, or joint dislocations.

You can configure AMRAD Medical systems to create the perfect system for your office, clinic, or hospital and improves the patient experience. All configurations offer high-performance imaging components like generators and X-ray tubes for tailored solutions.

These highly configurable systems provide flexible positioning, accurate imaging, and ease of movement for every specialty. The latest technology helps doctors, clinicians, researchers, and more quickly diagnose injuries and issues.

Shop our AMRAD medical X-ray systems today to upgrade your facility equipment and provide the best patient care possible.


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