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At Maven Imaging, we align with AmeriComp’s dedication to providing healthcare professionals with the best medical equipment possible. Shop from a range of state-of-the-art X-ray equipment, table systems, and more.

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AmeriComp X-Ray & Medical Imaging Equipment

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Chiro Image 2
Regular price $16,400.00
Chiro Image 3 - 32KW Sedecal
Regular price $19,300.00
Chiro Image 3
Regular price $19,250.00
Summit 40KW Chiro Tilt Bucky
Regular price $20,150.00

AmeriComp X-Ray & Medical Imaging Equipment

Whether it’s radiographic systems for veterinary clinics, chiropractic practices, or components, AmeriComp equipment is designed to fit your desired space at an affordable price. Their high-frequency technology, high-performance generators, and digital-ready systems give outstanding results, including crystal-clear image quality. Plus, you’ll benefit from user-friendly operating consoles and easy-to-understand settings.

At Maven Imaging, we ensure that every space has what it needs to perform at the highest standards. By including AmeriComp products, we supply medical practitioners working in various fields with the quality technology they need.

Discover our state-of-the-art radiography today to find AmeriComp products to work with your space.


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