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Patient Image provides a low-cost Digital x-ray system for Chiropractic, Podiatry, Urgent Care, and Veterinary practices. Each system has a low monthly price, which comes with an optional cloud PACS and disaster recovery system. 

Financial Assistance Available

We have assistance readily available to finance our products if you require financial support. 

24/7 Nationwide Remote Phone Support

We believe in solid customer service and have 24/7 phone support as well as an online chat feature available.

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Patient Image Digital X-ray Systems

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Patient Image Digital X-Ray Equipment

We’re here to provide both the best possible Patient Image X-ray equipment and unwavering confidence in your diagnoses, practices, and technology. Our equipment is reliable and effective, enabling high-quality patient care every time.

We offer several Wireless Flat Panel DR Systems to cost-effectively bolster your X-ray efficiency. This equipment's digital nature negates the high cost of traditional X-rays without compromising on quality.

Choosing Patient Image digital X-ray equipment is a significant step forward in streamlining your workflow and enhancing the image quality of your X-rays for your team’s and patients' peace of mind.


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