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Disposable X-ray markers

Disposable X-ray markers are small but essential pieces of equipment when it comes to successfully diagnosing patients. Whether using them to mark areas of pain, soft tissue mass, or trauma, they identify critical regions during the imaging process. 

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Disposable X-ray markers

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Specialty CT & MRI Skin Markers
Regular price $400.00
Nipple Artifact Markers
Regular price $80.00
CT Non-Metallic Skin Dot Markers
Regular price $210.00
Skin Line Markers
Regular price $168.00
Mammography Skin Mole Markers
Regular price $160.00
Skin Arrow Markers
Regular price $250.00


Disposable X-ray markers are indispensable tools in radiology and oncology to indicate specific areas of a patient’s skin. They’re straightforward and can be placed directly onto the skin, removed, and disposed of when finished. 

The Nipple Artifact series is a must-have should you need to mark that area on the patient. Likewise, the Skin Dot edition helps highlight key areas of note, such as trauma spots, and Skin Line Markers help to identify critical areas of the skin invisible on an X-ray, such as scars.

Maven Imaging has many disposable X-ray markers to suit your specific requirements, so explore our collection of high-quality options today.


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