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Carestream's digital X-ray systems provide top-of-the-line quality and excellent diagnostics that can only come with DR image quality. Upgrade to their X-ray systems today through Maven Imaging and maximize your care.

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Carestream X-Ray & Medical Imaging Equipment

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Carestream X-Ray Equipment

Speed up processing with Carestream's Focus 35C Detector with Image Suite V4 software. Their technologies combine film and computed radiography to process faster and yield more accurate results. The Focus 35C Detector simultaneously eliminates the distracting mess of tangles that power most other DR Imaging systems, and your workflow gets a significant boost.

Carestream's floor-to-wall mounted FTW-FTC x-ray system has an expanded transverse travel range and vertical travel range. The high luminosity LED and enhanced radiation shielding mean you’re yielding the best results for your clients and customers possible.

Maven leads the industry in digital imaging technology, and we’re proud to offer our customers access to Carestream’s exceptional products.


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