Used 2016 AmaComp 4 way Floating Table, Wall unit and Generator Call for price

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Used 2016 AmRad 4 way Floating Table, Wall unit and Generator 

20/20 14 x 17 Wireless DR panel Package with 2 batteries, Dell Computer and Monitor

4 Way floating Table

Wall Unit and Heavy-duty Bucky tray

Spectra 30HF AP High-Frequency Generator with:
30 kW rating Single Phase
Technique selection: kVp/mAs and Anatomical Programming (
specify Medical or Chiropractic and 250 or 400 speed)
kVp range: 40 – 125, mA range: 50-300, mAs range: 0.5-400
15 ft. console cables, UL label, service manual, 13 ft. line cable
Step-up transformer L246 for operation from 1 phase, 208 VAC,
125 Amps or 240 VAC, 100 Amps electrical service

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