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Product Details

Patient Image Cloud Solution (Monthly Subscription, plus per study upload billing)

Cloud Agent Software and Cloud Account Setup – the application that sends DICOM images from the customer’s facility to Cloud Storage 

Cloud Viewer with Imaging Tools – touchscreen-friendly medical image viewer for handy image review from any fix and/or mobile devices (such as laptop, tablet, iPad and iPhone etc.) with unlimited users licenses. General radiology tools and one specialty imaging tools based on customer’s business profession (such as chiro tools, podiatry tools or veterinary tools) are included. 

Study Assignment Service – a secure and efficient way to assign image studies through email notifications for selected user to logon to the cloud and view only the specific studies that are assigned for their access. 

Extra Services are available for Cloud -
  • CD Burn Service - to create CD or DVD containing diagnostic quality images, medical reports and patient records of the selected study 

  • DICOM Download Service   – to download full-resolution DICOM images to local DICOM Viewer software

  • Report Upload Service - to attach documents or files to a patient study

  • Study Note Service  – to type in notes to a study and share the information through cloud

  • Service Package, including adding CD Burn, DICOM Download Report Upload, Study Note Services 
Chiro Tools
1. Cervical Lordosis   – provides a subset of five additional tools.
  • ARA/RRA – measure Absolute Rotation Angle / Relative Rotation Angle.
  • C2-C7 – measure the angle between C2 and C7 with reference value 42° displayed and display the translation between C2 and C7 in millimeters.
  • C1 to Horizontal – Measure the angle between C1 to horizontal line with refrence value 29° displayed. 
  • C1-C7 – Measure the angle between C1 and C7 and display the translation between C2 and C7. Cervical Lordosis Upper (177 mm) – Draw the cervical curve between C1 and T2 with 177mm diameter radius. 

2. Lumbar Lordosis  –  provides a subset of five additional tools.

  •  ARA/RRA – measure Absolute Rotation Angle / Relative Rotation Angle. 
  •  Translation –  measure the translation between T12 and S1 in millimeters
  • L1-S1– measure the angle between L1 and L5 in degree with reference value 40° displayed and display the translation between L1 and S1 in millimeters.
  • L1-L5 – displays the angle between L1 and L5 in degree with reference value 40° displayed.
  • T12-S1 – Measure the angles between vertebrae T12 and S1

3. Chiro Distances  –  provides a subset of four additional tools.

  • Horizontal Distance – measure the horizontal distance between any two points.
  • Vertical Distance – measure the vertical distance between any two points.
  • Distance from Vertical Line – measure the distance from any point to a vertical line.
  • Distance from Horizontal Line – measure the distance from any point to a horizontal line.

4. Chiro Line  –  provides a subset of four additional tools.

  • Horizontal Deflection – measures the angle between a deflection line and a horizontal line. 
  • Ray Line – ray line is based on two points.
  • Spinal Body Canal Ratio - The Spinal body canal Ratio is displayed from 0 ~ 100%.
  • Atlas Plane Line - To create a line across the atlas plane displayed in degrees.

General Chiro Tools 

Cervical Curve – marks the 60 degree arc cervical curve according to two points.

Antero & Retrolisthesis – the antero and retrolisthesis value is displayed in percentage. Ratio: 0 ~ 50 %

Center Mass - The Center Mass line is composed by two lines and an extra line connecting the middle points of those two lines

Atlas Rotation –To create a line across the atlas plane displayed in degrees and to draw a vertical line in the middle of atlas line. George’s Line - Displays the George’s line and misalignment in degree° + or –; and distance in millimeters

Vertebral Angles – Measure each vertebral line’s angle with horizontal line and the angle between two vertebral lines

Cobb’s Angle - The standard Cobb’s Angle measurements

Extended Cobb’s Angle - Multi-Cobb’s angles measurement (up to 6 Cobb’s Angle)

Multiple Angles – Measure the angles between multiple adjacent zig zag lines (up to 6 angles)

Multiple Angles (Angles Between Lines) - Measure the angles between multiple adjacent lines(up to 20 angles)

Spine Label - Labeling the spine (C1 ~ C7, T1~T12, L1~L5)

Full Lateral Spine Marking - Marking and measuring for full lateral spine in degrees of + or –

Gonstead Pelvis Analysis – the Gonstead analysis for A-P pelvic X-ray image to calculate the measured deficiency

Logan Marking – full Logan Basic Marking used to measure pelvic anteriority, true sacral anteriority, true leg deficiency, and true ischial deficiency. All displayed in red.

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