MRI Heavy-Gauge Vinyl Sandbag Bundle

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These premium, heavy-gauge vinyl sandbags are manufactured specifically to work in the MRI environment. These sandbags are the ideal option for quick, comfortable and safe patient positioning. MRI sandbags are non-conductive and constructed with non-metallic materials.

Sandbags are the perfect solution for nearly every positioning need such as: veterinary use, therapeutic and rehabilitation applications, surgical after-care, and general patient positioning. Each sandbag features a heat sealed inner sleeve, covered by a completely sewn and reinforced vinyl for long lasting durability.


  • Designed specifically for MRI use
  • Non-conductive and crafted with non-metallic materials
  • Sandbag weight labeled on the side of each bag for easy identification 
  • MR conditional up to 7 Tesla
  • Extremely durable, reinforced vinyl
  • Heat sealed inner sleeves prevent leakage
  • Completely sewn, tear resistant seams
  • Designed to meet nearly any positioning need


MSB-NFST MRI Sandbag Bundle Includes:

  • MSB-NF03 (x1)
  • MSB-NF05 (x1)
  • MSB-NF07 (x1)
  • MSB-NF10 (x1)
  • MSB-NF12 (x1)

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