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X-Cel-X-Ray Corporation manufactures and sells a complete line of high-frequency and adjustable kVp (peak kilovoltage) x-ray units for podiatrists, orthopaedics, and industrial use. We are proud of our commitment to use American-made products and materials in the manufacture of our full line of x-ray machines.

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X-Cel X-Ray Imaging System

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Whether you need units for podiatry, industrial use, or orthopedics, X-Cel’s excellent imaging systems have you covered. This range of high-frequency kVp units is also adjustable, making them incredibly useful. Made in America, the equipment doesn’t outsource its parts or services to provide the best possible equipment.

X-Cel’s equipment goes beyond usual industry standards to provide you with durable, reliable, and easy-to-use units so that you can focus on correct and efficient patient diagnosis. With a range of units and equipment to choose from, we can help you fulfill your department's needs.


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