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Varex digital X-ray systems provide top-of-the-line quality and excellent diagnostics that can only come with DR image quality. Upgrade to their X-ray systems today through Maven Imaging and maximize your care.

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Varex Imaging - DR Systems

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Varex Imaging: Revolutionizing X-ray Imaging Solutions

Varex Imaging Corporation stands at the forefront of innovation, development, and manufacturing in the field of X-ray imaging component solutions. Our extensive product portfolio includes advanced X-ray tubes, cutting-edge digital flat panel detectors, sophisticated software, and other essential components critical to modern X-ray imaging systems. With over 65 years of relentless innovation, our components are integral to numerous medical, industrial, and security imaging applications across the globe.

Discover Our Leading DR Systems

Maven Imaging is proud to offer two exceptional Digital Radiography (DR) systems from Varex Imaging, each designed to meet specific diagnostic needs with unparalleled precision and efficiency:

PaxScan 139 Micron Cesium Detectors

    • Superior Image Quality: Delivering outstanding clarity and detail at a competitive price point.
    • Affordability: A cost-effective solution without compromising on image excellence.
    • XRpad 100 Micron Cesium Detectors
    • Optimal Dose Efficiency: Recognized as the industry’s most dose-efficient detectors, ensuring minimal radiation exposure while maintaining high diagnostic accuracy.
    • Premium Performance: These detectors command a premium price due to their superior efficiency and performance.

    Enhance Your Imaging Capabilities

    In addition to our top-tier DR systems, Maven Imaging offers a comprehensive Web PACS upgrade for all DR systems, enabling seamless integration and enhanced functionality to streamline your imaging workflow.

    Why Choose Varex Imaging?

    • Legacy of Innovation: With a rich history spanning over six decades, Varex Imaging has consistently led the way in X-ray imaging technology.
    • Global Trust: Our components are trusted worldwide, found in diverse applications from healthcare to industrial settings, and security systems.
    • Commitment to Quality: We prioritize delivering the highest quality products that enhance diagnostic capabilities and improve patient outcomes.

    Join the countless professionals who trust Varex Imaging for their X-ray imaging needs. Discover the future of imaging with our state-of-the-art solutions designed to deliver precision, efficiency, and reliability.



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