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Televere Systems, LLC (Televere) is a Limited Liability Corporation, privately owned and incorporated in the state of Texas, USA in 1996. Televere has been in the digital imaging business for 21 years offering advanced technology for managing digital images from Computed Radiography (CR), Direct Radiography (DR), flatbed scanners, digital photos and video sources. Televere maintains products in the medical, podiatry, dental, veterinary, disaster relief and industrial markets including Non Destructive Testing and Explosive Ordinance Disposal. Televere’ s flagship product is called TigerView Professional. The goal of TigerView Pro is to provide one imaging platform which can control any device. We have integrated over 55 unique hardware pieces from CR and DR, to scanners and cameras. TigerView has one of the most comprehensive set of industry specific measurement markup tools available today and robust image processing flexibility to deliver the best experience and customer profitability possible.

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Televere X-Ray & Medical Imaging Equipment

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IntraSkan Dental Floor or Wall Mount
Regular price $5,100.00
C-Arm Table CFPM 401
Regular price $17,850.00
C-Arm Table CFPM 400
Regular price $24,350.00
C-Arm Table CFPM 301
Regular price $15,350.00
C-Arm Table CFPM 300
Regular price $14,800.00
C-Arm Table DTPM 300
Regular price $9,050.00
C-Arm Monitor Cart
Regular price $13,650.00
C-Arm Support Stand w/Tablet Arm
Regular price $11,050.00
Cocoon Vet X-Ray
Regular price $6,500.00
TigerDR-LE 17"x17" Wired
Regular price $16,900.00
SkanMobile DR Integrated
Regular price $41,600.00
Regular price $12,350.00
PORTA380HF Portable X-Ray Generator
Regular price $8,100.00
PORTA100HF Portable X-Ray Generator
Regular price $8,100.00
Regular price $11,600.00
TigerDR-Chiro 14"x17" Wired
Regular price $14,300.00


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