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X-Ray Specialty Markers

Enhance imaging accuracy with our replacement 25mm calibration sphere options designed for precision and durability. These markers are perfect for our Flexible Image Scaling Device (A25DR).

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X-Ray Specialty Markers

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Replacement 25mm Sphere Markers
Regular price $448.00
Flexible Image Scaling Device
Regular price $864.00


Maven Imaging offers a comprehensive selection of equipment, including replacement 25mm calibration spheres designed for precision and longevity. Specifically crafted to complement our Flexible Image Scaling Device (A25DR), these markers reduce image burnout and ensure accurate calibration for enhanced diagnostic results. 

Made from superior surgical stainless steel, our equipment guarantees durability and reliability in various medical settings. They’re easy to clean and sanitize and can be autoclaved for optimal sanitation. Sold in a package of 6 spheres, our selection epitomizes quality and innovation, empowering healthcare professionals to achieve superior results confidently and efficiently.


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