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X-ray equipment is a must for any medical facility. SourceRay manufactures agile, lightweight, and portable medical imaging systems ideal for maneuvers in tight spaces. Browse our wide inventory of affordable medical imaging equipment ideal for most clinical applications.

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SourceRay X-Ray & Medical Imaging Equipment

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SourceRay X-Ray & Medical Imaging Equipment

Maven Imaging’s selection of SourceRay X-ray and medical imaging equipment features DR panels with state-of-the-art high-powered image processing software that delivers easy-to-use, print, archive, and send tools.

Source-Ray’s digital systems for portable X-rays are made for quick Radiographic Image acquisition and transmission of digital images.

Our wide selection of reliable and high-performance machines has been rigorously tested to meet the high standards for your budget. We aim to make it easy to find new x-ray machines for clinics, hospitals, imaging centers, home healthcare, sports medicine, orthopedic practices, military field deployable medical examiner offices, urgent care facilities, and correctional facilities.


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