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X-Ray Cassette Repair Company, Inc., d.b.a. Reina Imaging was founded in 1978 by the current President and C.E.O. Leo Reina R.T. With his years of experience working as both a radiographer and serving as department manager for six years at Lee Memorial Hospital, he saw potential for a niche within the general radiographic market. With a mix of quality workmanship and personal service, Leo grew his reputation based mostly on word-of-mouth sales. The result was fast paced growth — creating a foundation for the value-added products offered by the company.

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Reina Imaging X-Ray Machine

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Positioning Partner LLFS Long Length
Regular price $9,200.00
DR Positioning Partner
$6,400.00 Regular price $7,800.00
DRP Holder
Regular price $3,500.00


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