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Non-Stealth Non-Coated X-Ray Sponges

We offer a comprehensive range of X-ray sponges to enhance imaging precision and patient comfort. Our selection includes sizes and densities to cater to diverse imaging needs. 

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Non-Stealth Non-Coated X-Ray Sponges

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Our selection of non-stealth non-coated X-ray sponges supports precise imaging procedures across various medical settings. Designed for optimal patient comfort and imaging accuracy, our sponges ensure consistent positioning without compromising X-ray clarity. 

Available in various sizes and densities, they cater to diverse patient needs while maintaining affordability, durability, and patient comfort.

With Maven, you benefit from superior quality, reliability, and expert craftsmanship, enhancing diagnostic precision and workflow efficiency. Choose Maven Imaging for trusted solutions that prioritize patient well-being and diagnostic excellence, empowering your practice to deliver exceptional care.


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