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At Maven Imaging, we know that lessening X-Ray radiation exposure is paramount to patients and practitioners alike. That’s why we sell top-quality Mobile X-Ray Barriers so that you can give your patients quality care, whatever your area of practice.

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Mobile X-Ray Barriers

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Mobile X-Ray Barriers

Get the ultimate X-Ray exposure protection with Maven Imaging’s top-of-the-range mobile X-ray barriers. Our selection lets you ensure patient protection from head to toe. We also have a brilliant transparent feature in the upper section of the shield for protection and clear sighting of your surroundings.

Choose from a variety of barriers, including standard, adjustable, specialty, and compact. You’ll find a size that suits your patients’ and your practice’s needs. Wheels allow for easy transport so that you can move it around the office or between rooms for practitioners sharing the barrier.

Check out all the different mobile barriers we have to offer today!


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