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MinXray's portable X-ray equipment provides the best digital radiography in portable and highly effective forms. Ideal for veterinary use and field applications, MinXray packs in more power at less weight.

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MinXray Portable X-Ray Equipment

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MinXray X-Ray Equipment

MinXray has utilized its unique, patented HighBurst™ design to create some of the most powerful X-rays in the world. These devices are sharp, reliable, and compatible with all digital imaging modalities. Combined with a TR90 Tough Ray Battery, you can get superior imaging that will last without compromising convenience or quality.

A new X-ray system for your podiatry, orthodontic, or other medical practice will save money in the long run because it requires far less maintenance. You can get a quote instantly delivered to your email via Maven Imaging. We have solutions for all your portable X-ray needs, no matter your budget.


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