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MinXray provides state-of-the-art X-Ray equipment that allows practitioners to meet their patients' needs. Whether in a veterinary clinic, nursing home, or war zone, you can find medical equipment suited to your diagnosis and treatment.

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MinXray X-Ray & Medical Imaging Equipment

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MinXray Digital X-Ray & Medical Equipment

MinXRay digital equipment is suitable for many applications, including catering to the needs of veterinary practitioners or providing on-site medical care. Find options for digital portable X-ray systems, handheld X-ray units, and more.

With portable options, you’ll be able to provide treatment in various situations, terrains, and environments. Portability doesn’t mean reduced quality, with digital systems providing crystal-clear images. Our selection ensures you never have to compromise on high-standard care.

MinXray designs its systems with ease of use and wireless capabilities. They’re notable for their user-friendly operations and excellent image quality.

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