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CareRay is a global enterprise dedicated to developing innovative X-ray and medical imaging equipment. They are committed to the highest manufacturing standards, world-class R&D, and engineering excellence.

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CareRay X-Ray & Medical Imaging Equipment

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CareRay X-Ray & Medical Imaging Equipment

From custom OEM solutions to system upgrades, our selection of CareRay equipment is designed for diagnostic imaging in all fields.

CareRay radiographic products are lightweight and versatile, perfectly manufactured for a broad range of clinical appliances. An array of advanced features and panel sizes ensures you can find the right product for your facility.

Whether you prefer wired, wireless, tethered, or portable panels, these products are designed for long product life and durability. Improve patient throughput and experience with exceptional flexibility for retrofit and OEM solutions. Enjoy full image acquisition and transfer within two to three seconds.

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