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Candelis, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective medical data management and PACS solutions for hospitals, imaging centers and top tier healthcare equipment providers. With over 4,000 installations globally, these solutions optimize medical image reading and data storage workflows, significantly increase practice efficiencies, and improve the quality of services for radiologists, referring physicians and specialists. Candelis' products provide enterprise-class image management and storage solutions, full-featured workstation viewers, seamlessly integrated workflow products, and ASTRA™ Cloud services.

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Candelis PACS System and DICOM Viewer

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Candelis PACS Systems

Discover efficiency and precision in medical imaging with the Candelis PACS system. Revolutionize your healthcare workflow with seamless image management, secure data storage, and user-friendly interface. Candelis PACS ensures swift access to diagnostic information, empowering healthcare professionals for accurate and timely decision-making. Elevate your radiology practice with cutting-edge technology designed for excellence.

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